Many people think that the only way to improve profits is to cut costs.  Yes, this is one way. But not the best way.

increase profitIt is actually possible to improve profits by 88%, by making just a 10% improvement to 8 things.  These 8 things are activities that you’re already doing in your trade business.  So making a small improvement to them is actually quite easy.

In the video in Module 2.1  we show you step by step what they are and how to do each one of them.

  • You only need to achieve small increments to have a big impact.
  • Having systems in place for each one of the 8 key areas makes it easier to achieve increases
  • You need to know your key business numbers so you have a starting point to measure from. We give you a simple tool to plug your numbers into and view the potential results of each area.  You can also plug in actuals to keep track of progress.

These 8 small improvements have a massive impact on your bottom line.

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