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Welcome! I’m very excited to have you part of our community here at  Tradie Marketing Secrets!  Congratulations on taking action to develop the business and lifestyle you really want.

“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi


So many people know they’ve got to make some changes in their business and personal lives, but very few people actually do, because it’s hard to step outside their comfort zone and take the steps necessary to achieve something different.

Is that you?  If so, then we’re here to help you make the changes and achieve more.

Are These Your Goals?

Better customers – who don’t quibble about price, love what you do for them and refer you to their friends?

A better income? So you regularly earn enough money to buy the things you want (property, holidays, things your family need?)

A better lifestyle – no more staying up late doing the paperwork, no more weekend work, more time with your family and mates?

How to Achieve these Goals

  1. Go through each module.  Read the lessons, watch the videos, download resources.
  2. Answer the quiz questions to test your retention.
  3. Download the worksheets and plan the strategies and tactics that are right for your business.
  4. Put in the time to implement the actions we suggest.
  5. Get help with things you don’t have the time or expertise to do – so that they get done.   Check out our “Done For You” Marketing Services to see how we can help you.

If you do these 5 steps every week, there is no doubt that you will attract the right kind of customers,
build your income and have the time, money and knowledge to have the lifestyle you really want.

How Fast?

This program is paced – with one module containing several eclasses each month – about one per week. Of course you can work through at your own pace, but we suggest you set aside time every week to do it, so you don’t get behind and you get things implemented regularly.

How to Manage It

Successful business owners spend at least 10% of their weekly time working ON their business – not in it.  The more you spend working ON your business, the better off you’ll be.

Book a meeting with yourself in your diary every week to go through the material and implement in your business.  Most of our members book an hour or two out on the same day each week.

Mornings are good, because this is when your mind is the most alert and you can focus the best.  Tell your team / customers that you have a meeting every Tuesday morning between 8-10am (or Friday) or whatever day works best for you.  Once you start doing it – it becomes a habit and you’ll be floored when you see how much you achieve!

The modules are structured to follow a logical process – based around the construction industry!


Create a solid foundation

Build the right structure

Add the systems and finishes
Silver Members:  You will receive access to a new module every month.  Work through these all in one go, or tackle them as you can.  We’ve structured them to be released to you in a logical step by step order.

Each month we’ll keep you posted on new releases, as well as upcoming live group coaching.  Keep an eye out for our emails on this and more!

If at any time you want personal help to work on your business plan, marketing and/or implementation – click the Become a Gold Member in the sidebar.

Gold Members: You receive one-on-one personal mentoring, twice a month, in addition to access to all the training material.  This is ideal of you want to fast track your learning, and implementation.    Our Gold Members place high value in having someone (they can trust) to talk to.  Someone to answer all their questions, put them on the right track, keep them motivated and focused.  I become your marketing mentor, coach and advisor.

We work through our proven process together to ensure  that you

  • carve out the best niche for your business
  • nail exactly who the best target market for you is
  • stand out from your competitors
  • have an effective multi channel lead generation system in place
  • have a professional follow up and sales conversion process in place
  • recognise and act on opportunities which come your way
  • keep your customers loyal, and up-sell and cross-sell so they buy more from you
  • delight your customers so they promote your business for you
  • have a well structured website and online marketing strategy in place
  • measure your marketing properly so you can measure your return on investment
  • learn what you need to know to be effective at Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertising, SEO and more
  • know about the best tools to help you measure, manage and grow your business
  • stay on track and motivated to grow your business in a manageable and sustainable way

Pace Yourself

The best way to achieve progress is to start and complete one step at a time.  Then it’s not too daunting and you’ll find yourself achieving more and more.

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”



Illustration provided with kind permission of Sean Gallo https://www.seangallo.com

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Right – let’s get started!

Annette Welsford
Founder:  Tradie Marketing Secrets