Kraudelt Painting


Old Kraudelt Painting website


New Kraudelt Painting website

When leading Brisbane painters business Kraudelt Painting came to us, they had a website, but it wasn’t generating any leads.  Research revealed one of the reasons was because it was not focused on the needs of its potential customers.  It was designed by a web designer, but without any marketing strategy.

We completely redesigned and rebuilt the site to achieve the following marketing goals:

  • Develop a site which gives visitors a great experience  – ie: is focused around the needs of the customer
  • Differentiate the business from their competitors by detailing their incredible quality control and customer service systems
  • Provide a way to capture leads for ongoing marketing
  • Build trust by showcasing the large community of highly satisfied customers
  • Establish authority by featuring their extraordinary work
  • Optimise the site for Search Engines to improve search rankings
  • Provide value by adding “How to” articles
  • Engage prospects and customers through Social Media channels

We also work with Kraudelt Painting to create campaigns to increase leads, referrals and reviews and measure customer satisfaction. Check out the new Kraudelt Painting Website here – particularly if you need some painting work done!


Louise“Since engaging Annette at Commonsense Marketing to mentor us and manage all our marketing, we’ve increased profit by 20%, put on 8 new staff and we’re always booked out for weeks in advance. Our Google Ad costs have halved, we get loads more referrals and we get lots of enquiries through our new website – which we never used to get with the old one. I love all the systems she has put in place and it just all runs like a machine.” Louise Kraudelt, Kraudelt Painting, Brisbane.