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After 10 years of working in the corporate sector, self-titled “Computer Nerd” Paul Zdzitowiecki started his own business, helping people in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs with their technology issues. When his business wasn’t growing as fast as he planned, Paul read a few marketing books and attended marketing and business workshops, but found the information overload was confusing rather than helpful.

He found Commonsense Marketing online and joined our Gold member coaching program to receive one-on-one mentoring and marketing and business training.  Paul is eager to learn, is a real action taker and relishes in being held accountable.

In the past few months we’ve:

  • Defined his brand – Computer Cures – and developed his logo and tag line
  • Defined his ideal target market and their key issues
  • Created business cards and a “Trust” program to stimulate referrals and reviews
  • Developed a website to showcase his services. Website development included design, build, copywriting and SEO
  • Styled Social Media assets including Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube
  • Created a customer newsletter
  • Developed product / service and pricing models

Now that the new marketing assets are in place, we are providing Paul with ongoing marketing services to attract new customers and build repeat and referral business.  We are also assisting with developing systems, assets and strategies that will provide Paul with a scalable, profitable business.

It really is a pleasure working with Paul because he is keen, committed and very passionate about what he does.  Although a computer geek in every sense, he is patient and compassionate with people who find technology baffling.  His outstanding customer service is reflected in the many glowing customer testimonials he has received – check them out here:


Paul-ZdzitowieckiI’ve doubled my revenue, and now get 3 new referrals per week

After spending countless nights looking online for help, eventually I found Annette, and called her the next day. I spoke with her for close to 30 minutes and realized she was the right person for me. She had a great portfolio of work I could see and had worked with many service-based businesses.

I hired Annette for marketing & business coaching and it’s been the best money I have ever spent. I have now worked with Annette for over 5 months. After implementing all her marketing systems I have doubled my revenue, and now get 3 new referrals per week. I have also increased my revenue per client by 25%. Ironically I have started working less, as my marketing systems do all the ‘heavy lifting’.

One of the other things that Annette has helped me with is the ‘mental’ mindset component of running a small business. She has given me the confidence and mental strategies that allow me to only work with high-quality clientele and filter out the rest. This allows me to always exceed my client’s expectations and makes me tremendously happy.

I highly recommend Annette to any small business owner, who feels they are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to take their business to the next level. Annette is a true expert in her field and a pleasure to work with. Above all else Annette gets exceptional results, and this is what matters most. Paul Zdzitowiecki, Founder, Computer Cures