1-5_FirstimpressionsDo you know what sort of impression you and your team make on people?  What impression do people get when they first see your logo, your ad, your website, your vans, your clothing?

Do they understand straight away what you do? Do they see straight away how you’re different, better etc?  Do you get your story across?

You may think that your brand is just your logo, however it’s much more than that. Branding relates to the first impression we have of your company, and the impression we have formed about you every time we see your name or logo.

Your brand should encapsulate who you are, and what you stand for

People judge people and businesses in the first 7 seconds.

They make an instant assessment – whether it’s right or not – based on style, colour, cleanliness, professionalism, message etc.

So why is it that some businesses don’t take much care when it comes to the presentation of their business?  Many of the business cards, websites, emails, ads and brochures we see are poorly designed and produced. They don’t instil confidence in the professionalism of the business.

In module 1.5 we go into branding in detail and cover things like

  • Business Name – what’s good and what kind of name to avoid and why
  • Domain name – how to choose a domain name, and 6 things to avoid at all costs
  • Logo – what to consider with logo design, and examples of old logos brought to up to date with some clever graphic design
  • Tagline – good and bad tag lines, and how to craft a tagline which says it all
  • Collateral – what you need to review and how to get your brand to be consistent in every area of your business

This module is one of our most popular – one which generates robust discussions – because sometimes it’s hard to see yourself as others do.  Join today and discover exactly what to review and refresh when it comes to your brand.  It could make all the difference.

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