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How to be the Irresistible Trade Contractor Everyone Trusts

No one likes to be ripped off.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like all a tradesperson wants from you is your money. With that in mind, how can you earn the trust of potential clients and become the irresistible trade contractor everyone likes?

Here’s one way to go about it – share your knowledge.

I know what […]

How to Improve Profits

Many people think that the only way to improve profits is to cut costs.  Yes, this is one way. But not the best way.

It is actually possible to improve profits by 88%, by making just a 10% improvement to 8 things.  These 8 things are activities that you’re already doing in your trade business.  […]

Your Business Brand – What Do People Think Of You?

Do you know what sort of impression you and your team make on people?  What impression do people get when they first see your logo, your ad, your website, your vans, your clothing?

Do they understand straight away what you do? Do they see straight away how you’re different, better etc?  Do you get your […]

How To Really Stand Out in Your Trade Sector

There are many competitors in each trade business sector. Some businesses have a unique offering – but most are just the same as everyone else. Trade business differentiation is really important if you want people to choose you over your competitors.
How can you be different?
If you offer the same as everybody else in the […]

How to Learn From Your Competitors

There is a lot to be said for benefiting from the efforts and successes of others. Not having to spend resources such as manpower, time and money on developing new products and services and trialling marketing campaigns is very valuable. And you can do this by researching your tradie competitors to see what they’re […]

7 Key Trade Business Marketing Objectives

Marketing is the only business function which generates money.

Everything else is a support function. Some people will disagree with me on this. Particularly accountants, but it’s true!

Accounting takes care of costs and business reporting. Operations gets the job done. Administration is a marriage between Accounting and Operations. Doing this stuff is working In the […]