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Who am I to give help to trade business owners about Marketing?

Good question!

I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses (many of them tradies) achieve better results through their marketing – by as much 400%!

I’m married to a tradie, addicted to marketing and have worked with many business sizes, types and marketplaces.   I never stop researching marketing strategies, techniques, ideas, tactics etc and testing to see what works and what doesn’t.  My clients deserve to know the pros and cons of every new marketing medium and system, so that they are confident that my advice is sound and ahead of everyone else.

Am I Qualified?

Yes, I have the “quals”. Diploma in Direct Marketing and Masters Degree in Marketing.  But most of what I learned at Uni is theory, and it nearly all relates to big business.

What really counts is actual campaign experience and results. Particularly with small business where budgets are limited and marketing results are crucial for survival and growth.

Why Tradie Marketing Secrets?

Many of my clients are trade business owners who want to grow a successful business, yet that’s one of the key things they were never taught as an apprentice or when they joined their Trade Association. They’re all technically very competent, but it takes more than this to grow a successful business.   It’s good marketing, sales, customer service, systems, cashflow and other areas which make the big difference between survival and growth.

The purpose of Tradie Marketing Secrets is:

  1. To help trade businesses to understand what marketing to do and what not to do and avoid being ripped off by so called marketing experts who charge them a fortune for services they don’t need (eg: yellow pages, SEO, some online trade directories, and so on- there’s a lot of rubbish advertising/marketing gimmicks around)
  2. To ensure trade business owners with integrity receive the essential knowledge, resources and tools they need to attract qualified leads, increase sales, provide outstanding customer service and operate effectively.
  3. To enable trade business owners to enjoy a sense of meaning and pride in their chosen trade which, in turn, enhances their personal lives.

My Hands On Experience

I’ve been providing marketing services for a range of business for around 30 years. I’ve worked for tiny start-ups to large multinational companies, in a variety of service, retail, trade and manufacturing industries. No matter what the size of company or the industry – there’s a few key principles that work for everyone – if done well.

  1. Building customer trust and loyalty is the best investment of your time and money that you will ever make
  2. Your business is all about delivering what your customers need and want. Not about selling whatever it is you offer.
  3. To be successful for the long term, you must be different and better than your competitors.

There are many people around who claim to be “marketing experts”. They’ve done a course, learned web design, email marketing or SEO and all of a sudden they’re a genius. I am embarrassed and frustrated by some of the dreadful marketing campaigns that unsuspecting business owners hand over substantial money for.

Here’s how we operate:

  • We teach you the fundamentals of marketing (relevant to trade businesses) so you can ask informed questions and make the right decisions
  • We help you set the right sort of goals and show you the best strategies to meet your goals
  • We show you how to build authority and credibility in your marketplace
  • Our principal company Commonsense Marketing will develop online and offline marketing assets and campaigns for you if you want help
  • We help you build loyalty, get great reviews and generate regular referrals
  • We show you how to analyse your campaigns and results so you know what’s working and what to change or ditch

Claims to Fame

  • Worked with electricians, plumbers, builders, painters, concreters, mortgage brokers, uniform specialists, architects, flooring retailers and contractors,  automotive repairers, software companies, computer repairers, music academies, motels, transport companies, fertiliser manufacturers, clothing suppliers, internet marketers, image consultants, health clubs, hairdressers, yacht brokers, fast food franchises, accountants, IT equipment wholesalers and more.
  • Helped many businesses increase their revenue – by as much as 400%
  • Provide website design, branding, direct marketing, social media and ongoing marketing services for several clients who trust us to do all their marketing for them.
  • Author of several books, with sales of over 11,000 to people in 89 countries
  • Presented on online and offline marketing strategies and “how to” training sessions to more than 5000 people
  • Won Marketer of the Year in the Transport Industry in the UK

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